The day we arrived at Hongkong was very tiring.

Stress Reliever

Upon entering Hongkong's airport, We took several photos to relieve the dizziness that day.

Welcome to Hongkong City

We are fascinated by it's beauty.

Zero Crime Rate

We took some time off.

More Images

Hongkong was just Photogenic.

On our way

We are on our way to Hongkong Convention Center for getting our ID's and stuffs.


It's one of the largest convention center in the world.

1st day at RISE CONF 2017!

The was a huge volume of participants coming from all over the world. Huge minds. Huge.


Welcome to our booth!

Inside RISE

I brought my camera with me to document our very first outside the country event. Here are some of it.

More Photos!

I am being surrounded by a lot of great minds!

Thank you for dropping by.

It was nice to be a part of a huge conference. It was a pleasure that our great CEO gave me a chance to participate. For those who wants to be successful in life, don't be afraid in taking risks. Take as many risks as you can. Risks = Great Experience.