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What is a Full-Managed Website and Digital Marketing Services of Marketlink Web Solutions?

What is a Full-Managed Website and Digital Marketing Services of Marketlink Web Solutions?

What is a Full-Managed Website and Digital Marketing Services of Philippines Web Designing?

“Focus on your business and let us work on your website”

Basically the full managed website is built and maintained by us for you. There are thousands of people and businesses build their own websites with free website offers, website building software, since they don’t have time and skills to put up, edit and maintain their own website.

Are you managing your own sponsor ads with little success? Along with the web development, we have full-managed digital services for you.

Full managed digital Marketing is a combination of a human talent and technology to develop, execute and manage the numerous elements of digital marketing.

Philippines Web Designing offers a cost effective solutions by creating a website for your business and maintaining it. It all start by gathering all the details regarding to your business. Based on the client requirements, we will build and create your website from creation of mock up to development up to after sales support. Graphics, contents or texts, design and images will be from us. We will work closely with our full managed clients to make sure your website are well-maintain and up-to-date.

Updates is upon at the client request, and we will make sure that your website is growing. The best of all, it frees you up so you can focus on your business without worrying about your website.

Need an assistance in creating high quality content? We can provide a solution for you. Planning to have a venture into online advertising via Google or Facebook? We can make happen that as well. From improving your SEO ranking, driving your traffic to your website, creating your social strategy or content marketing we will take care of you. We also provide monthly reports for our full managed digital marketing clients.

Marketlink Web Solutions will help you dominate your online space by creating your professional website and implementing digital marketing solutions for your business. We will make sure that our full managed digital marketing service for your company will see and measure your success.

How Search Engine Works?

How Search Engine Works?

Before answering that question, what is a Search Engine? So based in Wikipedia, search engine “is a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web.” Example: Google, Yahoo, Bing and And to find that answer, I used a search engine, particularly, Google.

Have you ever wonder how frequent you use Google or other search engines per day? World Wide Web is a huge place. If you know a website, you can find it by just type in the web address in the address bar of browser. What if you don’t know the URL?

For many, Search engine is an internet. When you want to find the “Asus Zenfone Laser 2 specs”, search engine will display the list of web pages that containing information about Asus Zenfone Laser 2. Search Engine have become part of our lives. We use them to find things online, learning tools, directions or map and also for business.

Search engine has 3 functions: Crawling, Indexing and Retrieval & Ranking.

How Search Engine Works

CRAWLING – it all begins here. An automated bot / spider / crawler / web crawler collects all the data in a website. For Google it is “Googlebot”. It will scan the website and collect all details in the website such as page title, images, and linked pages.

INDEXING – every time a bot / crawler visits a web page, it stores the information collected from a web page to search engine’s massive databases. It makes a copy of it and add the URL to an index and repeats the process, until it builds a huge index of many web pages.

RETRIEVAL & RANKING – When someone perform online searching, search engine goes down to its billions of documents. It returns a result that Relevant or useful to searcher’s query and RANK those results according to the Popularity of the website serving the information.

Search Engine Algorithms

To determine the relevance and popularity, search engines employs mathematical equations or Algorithms. Search engine algorithms has a hundreds of variables, or what we called “Ranking Factors”.

Google core algorithms:

Google Panda – it takes the quality of the website’s content when ranking sites in search results. It ranks a website with high quality content that answer the searcher’s query.

Google Penguin – This is the second core algorithm of Google. It deals with the link quality. Most of the affected of this algorithm is the sites with poor link building.

Google Hummingbird – This is part of the Google main search algorithm, it ensure that it serves the best results for specific queries. Hummingbird is more about able to understand search queries better, particularly with conversational search.

Content Media Marketing – Basis For Business Profitability Model

Content Media Marketing – Basis For Business Profitability Model

The dissertation titled “Content Media Marketing – Basis for Business Profitability Model” by Dr. Christopher Dayagdag is a new business model to help all type of business owners, government agencies, foundations and everybody to be more profitable by applying properly the stages.
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