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SEO Tips 2019 – SEO is better than Digital Marketing?

SEO Tips 2019 – SEO is better than Digital Marketing?

SEO Tips 2019 – SEO is better than Digital Marketing?

Many people are considering that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing are similar, as they complement each other. However, SEO become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy.

As consumers spend a large amount of time online, having a strong digital presence is important for any business to succeed – and SEO is the foundation in accomplishing this goal.

What is SEO?

For starters, SEO is the way of improving the number of visitors to a particular website, by improving the placement or search ranking, over Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to improve online visibility in terms of Organic Search.

Somehow it is becoming hard for people to determine which among SEO techniques to implement and which to get rid of. Here are the 3 of the most important SEO tips to follow to improve a website ranking.

Let’s get started with the list:


The reason behind searching on Google is the accuracy and the quality of the results that Google gives.

Ever wonder how Google Search Engine gets such an accurate result?

Whenever a user feed some queries in the search engine, Google crawlers will look for the websites, web pages, and blogs having the best relevant answer and starting listing those websites in the SERP. A web page, website or blog that has the best information will rank at the top three of SERP. But it is not that easy to rank at those spot.With regards to those spots, you need to provide a content that is unique and a very well researched content which has all the information’s relevant to those queries and key phrases. Be sure to create a content that is relevant to your niche. Never change the course from your niche, because if you do so Google may not understand what the purpose of your site is.

Create contents which help the Google understand your website’s role. And develop a content for topic that is most searched of your niche.


At least 85% of these website owners have this thinking that they’ve created the best content and google will show them at the top ranking. But unfortunately it is wrong.

No doubt, you have created a best content but that question is how will google understand that you have the best content?

For that matter you need to do a regular Branding. What is Branding? It is a way of promoting your blogs, contents, and blogs on a various platforms of the World Wide Web to gain more attraction for the audience. Once your brand name is starting to build, Google will automatically notice your presence and will give the results for the queries related to your niche.


To engage more viewers try to improve you UI/UX design.
Don’t underestimate this tip, because it is proven Google Analytics is using various metrics to evaluate the Website Quality. UI/UX design is definitely such an important factor.

A user-friendly, interactive website and has information that are useful, that will make the viewers to stay on your website or blog for a longer durations and will look for other relevant pages.

This will help you to gain more loyal viewers, improved Bounce Rate, increase the number of Page Views, which are some of the important analytic factors Google uses to judge a particular website.

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