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SEO Tips 2019 – SEO is better than Digital Marketing?

SEO Tips 2019 – SEO is better than Digital Marketing?

SEO Tips 2019 – SEO is better than Digital Marketing?

Many people are considering that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing are similar, as they complement each other. However, SEO become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy.

As consumers spend a large amount of time online, having a strong digital presence is important for any business to succeed – and SEO is the foundation in accomplishing this goal.

What is SEO?

For starters, SEO is the way of improving the number of visitors to a particular website, by improving the placement or search ranking, over Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to improve online visibility in terms of Organic Search.

Somehow it is becoming hard for people to determine which among SEO techniques to implement and which to get rid of. Here are the 3 of the most important SEO tips to follow to improve a website ranking.

Let’s get started with the list:


The reason behind searching on Google is the accuracy and the quality of the results that Google gives.

Ever wonder how Google Search Engine gets such an accurate result?

Whenever a user feed some queries in the search engine, Google crawlers will look for the websites, web pages, and blogs having the best relevant answer and starting listing those websites in the SERP. A web page, website or blog that has the best information will rank at the top three of SERP. But it is not that easy to rank at those spot.With regards to those spots, you need to provide a content that is unique and a very well researched content which has all the information’s relevant to those queries and key phrases. Be sure to create a content that is relevant to your niche. Never change the course from your niche, because if you do so Google may not understand what the purpose of your site is.

Create contents which help the Google understand your website’s role. And develop a content for topic that is most searched of your niche.


At least 85% of these website owners have this thinking that they’ve created the best content and google will show them at the top ranking. But unfortunately it is wrong.

No doubt, you have created a best content but that question is how will google understand that you have the best content?

For that matter you need to do a regular Branding. What is Branding? It is a way of promoting your blogs, contents, and blogs on a various platforms of the World Wide Web to gain more attraction for the audience. Once your brand name is starting to build, Google will automatically notice your presence and will give the results for the queries related to your niche.


To engage more viewers try to improve you UI/UX design.
Don’t underestimate this tip, because it is proven Google Analytics is using various metrics to evaluate the Website Quality. UI/UX design is definitely such an important factor.

A user-friendly, interactive website and has information that are useful, that will make the viewers to stay on your website or blog for a longer durations and will look for other relevant pages.

This will help you to gain more loyal viewers, improved Bounce Rate, increase the number of Page Views, which are some of the important analytic factors Google uses to judge a particular website.

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Reasons why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing 2019

Reasons why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing 2019

Why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing?

There are some reasons why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. One of the main reason is that most of us rely on the internet and becoming one of the most used tools nowadays. It’s also easier to communicate with other people rather than using traditional marketing. We can clearly see that comparing the two strategies has a big difference and advantages.

Digital Marketing or Web Marketing has It’s own edge inside the world wide web where-in businesses are very in-demand. A modern gadget is a must to start a business (doesn’t include business size) like, mobile phones, laptops and personal computers that can form a proper digital marketing strategy to contact their market, interface with prospects and convert a greater amount of income.

For a few brands, particularly the well-established ones with a massive disconnected group of audience, traditional marketing might be too costly to even think about ignoring. However, for the several private businesses that are attempting to make a mark on a tight spending plan, digital marketing can prove to be a friend in need. Which is the reason several new and old businesses are utilizing the intensity of advanced digital marketing and reconsidering the advertising channel.

1. Higher Level of Customer Engagement
Traditional marketing doesn’t permit direct connection with clients, while digital marketing offers a larger amount of commitment and communication. Regardless whether It’s through Online Media Remarks or Email Messages, your intended interest audience is instantly connected with you through different digital marketing channels.

2. Ease of Measuring Results
You will be unable to identify your prospects by distributing handouts, fliers or by having a magazine exposure. You don’t know how far your marketing strategy will lead you to success or you might be going off course. There are some other ways to guarantee your success by using a modern platform. Digital Marketing gives you a chance to gauge huge results and accurate feedbacks. It enables you to play a clear-sighted marketing enjoyment rather than a blind one.

3. Bigger Audience Range
Traditional marketing is limited in many ways, but one of the biggest restriction that comes with the incapacity to go beyond a regional or local audience. Your business may not be geographically-bound, so why limit your reach?

Using a modern digital marketing, you will be able to create a highly customized campaign and expand your contact into different cities or even huge countries. So say goodbye to the blanket approach that traditional marketing takes and say hello to digital marketing that lets you alter your campaign based on how far you want to go.

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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Do you have your own website? If yes, just being on internet is not enough. Are you one of the businesses that create their website and then just waiting or the leads to come? That will never works.

Google processed that over 3.5 billion of searches are done every day and 400,000 search queries every second. Imagine how many customers are searching for your product and services but your business are not visible to search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free” or “organic” search results on search engines.

From the sentence of “getting traffic from free, organic” you will not going to pay for the advertising or sponsored ads, it is Free and all you need to do is to get on the top page of search result. Why? Because there are a probability that you will might get the traffic of most searches for your keyword. Also, the brands that appears on top positions are more likely trustworthy for customers and that might boost your Brand Awareness, unlike to those at the bottom of the search result.

There are two types of SEO,

On-Page SEO – means the optimization will be within your website (Page-Title, Meta-Tags, and Content Optimization etc.)

Off-Page SEO is like a wheel. It is creating back links or interlinking your website from the external website or a blogsite or thru social media.

The first step is you need to conduct a keyword research. You need to search for a specific keyword that will fit in your business. Bear in mind that you just don’t need to find the perfect keyword for you, but the feasible. Of course, you are not the only one that knows the importance of SEO and how to do it. You need to search if that keywords are highly searched on search engine and also the competency of that keyword. You may use a free tools for keyword research such as Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Next will be the Domain Research, so what are the SEO best practices in choosing a domain name? Go for the domain that are short and easy to remember. Don’t use domain names that has numbers or special characters and your domain should not be longer than 15 characters. If you can include a keyword that helps make it obvious what your business nature while keeping your domain name catchy, unique, go for it.

After that, you need to conduct the Competition Research. Like I said a moment ago, you are not the only one that knows the importance of SEO and how to do SEO. So, you need to search who are your competitors and how they do to make it to the top positions. From how many back links do they have, how many times they update contents and how many times do they update their social media accounts.

After the researching, what are the plugins that can help improve your WordPress site? First I recommend to use the Yoast SEO Plugin. Yoast SEO is all in one solution for your on-site SEO needs. It is the one of the most downloadable WordPress plugins of all time. You may add Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords for each page of your site. Yoast SEO plugin shows you a google search result preview snippet, so you can see how your content looks like when it search on google. It also helps you to create your sitemap which is the essential for submitting your website to Google. Yoast SEO also get you verified google authorship for your website.
Aside from the plugin I tackled, there are a lot more tools for SEO that might fit your SEO needs, from free to paid SEO tools.

1.Google Webmaster Tools is really the basic free tool you must have. It has a wide range of tools for diagnosing your website issues. It allows not only diagnose the issues on your site but it also reports actions taken to solve the issue directly to Google. Some data that Google provides are back link data, country targeting, keywords, crawl errors, craw statistics, indexation level, sitemaps, fetch as Google, search analytics and mobile usability.

2.Google Analytics is the most helpful tool because it gives you the most useful tool data that you need to get about your visitors and traffic sources. You can track how your users access your site and what page they enter and where they exit and all of the source of traffic to your website.

Being on the top list of the organic search can be considered as the first interaction of your business to your customers. Aside from this, it can be also lead a further engagement by the user through social media or other marketing platforms like email, newsletter and subscriptions.

SEO is something that constantly changing and it opens an opportunity to new businesses to grow. However, these changes requires business to have a person or a team of experts that will focus, understand and execute changes for your business online presence with accordance to the standard and updates, and this is where your SEO shine the brightest.

How Search Engine Works?

How Search Engine Works?

Before answering that question, what is a Search Engine? So based in Wikipedia, search engine “is a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web.” Example: Google, Yahoo, Bing and And to find that answer, I used a search engine, particularly, Google.

Have you ever wonder how frequent you use Google or other search engines per day? World Wide Web is a huge place. If you know a website, you can find it by just type in the web address in the address bar of browser. What if you don’t know the URL?

For many, Search engine is an internet. When you want to find the “Asus Zenfone Laser 2 specs”, search engine will display the list of web pages that containing information about Asus Zenfone Laser 2. Search Engine have become part of our lives. We use them to find things online, learning tools, directions or map and also for business.

Search engine has 3 functions: Crawling, Indexing and Retrieval & Ranking.

How Search Engine Works

CRAWLING – it all begins here. An automated bot / spider / crawler / web crawler collects all the data in a website. For Google it is “Googlebot”. It will scan the website and collect all details in the website such as page title, images, and linked pages.

INDEXING – every time a bot / crawler visits a web page, it stores the information collected from a web page to search engine’s massive databases. It makes a copy of it and add the URL to an index and repeats the process, until it builds a huge index of many web pages.

RETRIEVAL & RANKING – When someone perform online searching, search engine goes down to its billions of documents. It returns a result that Relevant or useful to searcher’s query and RANK those results according to the Popularity of the website serving the information.

Search Engine Algorithms

To determine the relevance and popularity, search engines employs mathematical equations or Algorithms. Search engine algorithms has a hundreds of variables, or what we called “Ranking Factors”.

Google core algorithms:

Google Panda – it takes the quality of the website’s content when ranking sites in search results. It ranks a website with high quality content that answer the searcher’s query.

Google Penguin – This is the second core algorithm of Google. It deals with the link quality. Most of the affected of this algorithm is the sites with poor link building.

Google Hummingbird – This is part of the Google main search algorithm, it ensure that it serves the best results for specific queries. Hummingbird is more about able to understand search queries better, particularly with conversational search.